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It's too bad Russia never showed up for the game with Canada. I had high hopes for a good game but that was pathetic. I blame the whole team but the Russian coach gave the game away.

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This blogging thing has made me very aware of how long it takes me to compose a post. My work emails are like this too. Actually, it's probably my work emails that have made me be more deliberate. I have to keep the "you are a complete idiot" tone out of what I type.

And along those lines, some of these posts may be locked so if you're lurking here, it's going to look like I missed a few posts.

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So maybe a month ago, [livejournal.com profile] unwrittenkitten mentioned something called NaBloPoMo. Technically, it's supposed to be in November but since February is a short month and I've been wanting to post more, I thought I'd join my friend and give it a shot. Since we are being non-conformists and rebels, we get to make our own rules (posting in February, minimum 300 words) so if anyone wants to join us, jump in!

I suspect this will mostly consist of me subjecting anyone brave enough to follow along to all my random thoughts. Lucky you.

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Wow, it’s been forever since I did a regular post.

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So here are the random highlights of the last few days:

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Apr. 7th, 2008 10:15 pm
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I haven't done a random post in a while so here goes...

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I am addicted to Dexter. I got the S1 DVD's from Netflix last weekend and watched it almost straight through in three days and then saw the S1 Season finale Saturday night. Sunday I had the brilliant revelation that I have Showtime on Demand. I have S2 of Dexter. I have watched the first two episodes. I am controlling my impulse to spend every waking hour watching the rest of the episodes. I love this show. And the great thing is that with On Demand, I can put it on the TV in front of the treadmill and walk while I watch.

This is a great week for TV. I've got hockey on Tuesday, Thursday (I may end up recording CSI), and Saturday. The Caps need to win every game, especially tomorrow night. They're fighting for a playoff spot and if they beat Carolina, they could win the SE division.

Thursday is new Brass! I'm afraid he'll only get 5 minutes tops because it sounds like this one will be Grissom-centric. But I'll take all the Brass I can get at this point. Of course that doesn't mean I won't bitch later about the lack of Brass...

Friday is FINALLY new BSG! I cannot wait for that. Last night I watched a couple of specials about the new season and it reminded me of all the loose ends they left what was it, last year?

This weekend was mostly cloudy and drizzly so that means I got inspired to do stuff around the house. The floors got cleaned and the carpets got shampooed, but the best part was that I found a recycling collection center about a mile away and took over three bags of plastics and a bag of newspapers. I also found a place a few miles from here that recycles old computer stuff so today I took one of those honkin' huge Gateway monitors that I swear weighed 50 lbs, a docking station for a laptop that toasted a few years ago, and an old printer. As soon as a friend loans me the disk to wipe a hard drive clean, I'll take an old CPU over there too. It's so nice to get rid of that stuff and to know it's getting recycled instead of going into a landfill. Now if I could just find someplace that will take old lights and towel racks.

Oh, and after having my really nice PG dream, what do I dream about this morning? Zombies. Yeah. People were just getting over being zombified and everyone was crazy and I was driving an old Nissan Sentra over to a laundromat so I could wash my clothes but there were these two women who were after me so I was driving like a maniac. I lost one woman but the other one followed me to the laundromat. Oh, and people were going hungry so they were eating their pets but I refused to eat my kitties but other people were stealing pets to eat them. I have no idea what any of that means but it was seriously messed up.
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American Idol, songs from commercials, Vegas, and other stuff.

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