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Especially Troy Brouwer's hockey butt.

His legs are nice too )
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And it is awesome.

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Went to the hockey game tonight. The Dallas Stars showed up. Unfortunately, the Caps' defense did not. What is it about teams with Stars in their name or on their helmet? I don't mind if the Cowboys own the Redskins but I really wish the Caps had owned the Stars. We just do not play well against Western Conference teams.

So the couple sitting next to me arrived before the start of the second period. The guy was already pretty drunk but as he continually told me, he was "a smart drunk". This from the man who could never remember where he was sitting. We were two rows from the top but every time he came back, he either went about 6 rows down or he ended up in the row behind us. How hard can it be? His girlfriend was very nice and I kind of felt bad for her because she seemed to be a little embarrassed that he was so drunk. He was also wearing a pretty nice suit however the pants were so long, it looked like he bought it and hoped to grow into it. He kept talking to me but honestly, I had the hardest time understanding him because either he had a lisp made worse by alcohol or alcohol gave him a really bad lisp. Not the most manly of men. This was emphasized by his girl hands and his the lispy voice when he tried to cheer loudly. If nothing else, he was amusing. However, at one point I glanced over at him and noticed he was holding his full beer cup up instead of say, putting it in the cup holder or resting his arm on the chair. I had visions of him spilling it on me in his drunken stupor. Happily, he did not spill it on me. He spilled it all over himself so that when he stood up, it looked like he peed himself. His girlfriend decided that this was enough and since he was a "smart drunk", he didn't argue and off they went.

At least this time it ended better than the guy who threw up in the hair of the woman sitting in front of him. Yeah, that was entertaining.
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In February of 2010 [livejournal.com profile] unwrittenkitten mentioned something about NaBloPoMo and although it wasn't November, I decided to give it a shot. I had so much fun with it that when November rolled around, I wanted to do it again. And now it's November and I'm ready to give it a shot again. Not sure how long these posts will be - I'm sure it will depend on how long my work day goes - but I need to get writing again and what better way to start.

So, here it goes. And [livejournal.com profile] unwrittenkitten, since you got me into this mess, I'm looking at a post or two from you! Who else is with me?

And now I will tell you why I like hockey better than football )
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I have made two discoveries lately: Chobani Greek yogurt and Glaceau Vitamin Water. The Chobani pineapple and mango flavors are my favorites. Fage is another favorite but I think I like Chobani a little better. The Vitamin water has taken the place of soda for me. I stick to the ones with truvia (no sugar) and the orange and lemonade flavors are my favorites. No caffeine but I drink a lot of iced tea too so I'm happy. Plus, I needed to cut down on the caffeine anyway.

I found an excellent electrician named Kenny. He's been out twice now and so far he's replaced all the light switches with the flat switches (I like them better than the regular switches), replaced the round dimmer switch and ceiling fan switches with sliders, installed a slider for the ceiling fan upstairs (before I had to use the chain to turn it on and off). He also fixed the wiring in the outside outlet so now I can put up Xmas lights and plug in a water fountain over the summer, installed new outside lights in the front and the back of the house. My front door is on the side of the townhouse and previously, the front had no light so that really is nice. No more pitch black when the neighbors don't have their porch light on. The best thing he's done so far though is install two 4inch recessed lights over my desk in the 8x8 nook off the master bedroom. The change the lighting makes in the room is just amazing! It's like a whole new room. Wednesday he'll come out and install recessed lighting in the kitchen. This will replace the horrible, horrible fluorescent lights currently in the kitchen. The lights now have these 4 long fluorescent light sticks and two of them have been dying for several months now so it's like a lightning storm in my kitchen. But I knew I was going to replace the lights so I've not changed them. I will probably cry when I come home Wednesday night. I'll still need to get drywall done but just having the lights replaced will be wonderful.

Heading to the Caps game tonight with my friend, T. Hoping the intermittent rains and all around nastiness today will curb some of the tourist traffic around the cherry blossoms because my drive in goes right by the Tidal Basin. Went to the game last Tuesday, peak cherry blossom day, and traffic wasn't bad but stupid tourists who crossed against lights and stepped into oncoming traffic were.
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Train tickets have been purchased and we have two rooms at a boutique (and hopefully bedbug free) hotel in Chelsea. We decided to forgo a couple of plays in favor of MoMA, mani's and pedi's, shopping, and of course eating. So we settled on Driving Miss Daisy because hello, it's James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave and thanks to Amex, we got 2nd row orchestra seats for a steal! We also have a reservation for the 10:30 dinner seating at Sardi's after the play. I've always wanted to eat there.

Oh, and totally unrelated but PG scored at least one goal Saturday night in the Hockey Challenge Celebrity All Star game. Pretty good for a guy pushing 62.
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So 2011 definitely got off to an interesting start. Had a family issue yesterday morning/afternoon that, while bad for my youngest sister, made me feel pretty good as a big sister. Long story short, she was having a major anxiety attack and since I was the only one near her, my dad called me to help her. I wasn't raised with my half sisters (I was raised as an only child) so it's just within the last 10 years or so that I've really felt like a big sister. Knowing that I really did help my sister made me feel pretty freaking good! It also made me realize how alike we are and we agreed that we both need to get out of the house more.

The Capitals played the Penguins in the Winter Classic last night and much to the delight of Caps fans everywhere, we kicked Penguin butt. I have a lot of friends who were at the game and all of them have said it was awesome - even when Penguins fans threw beer on some of them after the game.

I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The part of the company I'm in used to shut down during the week between Christmas and New Year's. The part of the company I came from never did so the fact that I probably worked at most an hour on Wednesday was pretty awesome. There's always a price to pay though so I'm not looking forward to January. My business unit is reorganizing and I'll be the one coordinating it. Hmm, I'm thinking I'll just work from home tomorrow. And Tuesday. And Friday. That might make it a little less painful.

Watching S1 of CSI on Spike. Early Brass/Catherine flirtiness in Pledging Mr.Johnson is excellent. Brass with longer hair is also excellent. Like how he's generally not sporting a tie back then too. I miss the old Brass. One interesting thing that was mentioned on the Paleyfest DVD is that BP says his hair was white all the way back in 2001 however, Les Moonves wouldn't let him on TV with white hair so he had to color it.

And speaking of Brass, have done a lot of writing over the past week. Like maybe 10 pages on a Brass/Annie fic. Still don't have an ending yet so that's not good. Starting to make me feel like I'm plodding in quicksand.
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Seriously, why do the traffic gods hate me? Went to the Caps game tonight. We left a half hour late, which normally would be no big deal. But tonight traffic was backed up on the Beltway and that caused back ups every where else. We got to the Phone Booth ten minutes into the 1st period. Thankfully, there was still no score so we didn't miss anything. About a minute later, we scored. Long story short, Caps won 4-2. After the game we got out of the city fairly easily, drove on to 66 and...dead stop. This was a repeat my Saturday nightmare except that my friend was driving and while we were at a dead stop, the guy behind her rear-ended her. Twice. First he wasn't going to pull over and was surprised to find out that he'd hit her. Then he must have realized she had a passenger/witness because he finally did cop to it. She got his information and we were on our way. In bumper to bumper traffic. I finally got home at midnight. It only took 2 hours. Sheesh. Did I mention traffic out here sucks?
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Just got home from the hockey game and what a game it was! Caps were ahead 3-0 at the end of the 2nd period and my friend, Cheryl, proclaimed that she was the Caps' lucky charm (it was her first Caps game in a couple of years). Halfway through the 3rd period, the Bruins tied it up. I turned to Cheryl and told her she had jinxed us. Not only that but us Caps fans have this rule that if a newbie comes to a game and the Caps lose, that newbie can't come to another game. Lucky for Cheryl, Caps made a change in goal and all of a sudden, we were up 4-3. Add an empty net goal and it's a 5-3 Caps win. I have no voice left. I love hockey.

Made a few new hockey friends tonight: Dan and Joe, both friends of Cheryl's, and Liza, the woman who has the three seats next to ours. Dan and Joe are super nice and big hockey fans so that's very cool but Liza is hilarious! Our section has 5 seats along this ledge in the Acela Club. Behind us is the bar in the club so there are always people milling around. They like to stand behind us and most of the time, it's pretty annoying. Early in October my sister was visiting VA so she came to the game with me. All 5 seats that night were occupied by women (pretty impressive for a hockey game) and the guys standing behind us were kind being obnoxious. Liza stood up, spread her arms to block the view of the men behind us, and declared the row of seats the "wall of bitches". So that's how we now refer to ourselves.

Cheryl is one of those people who could become friends with a box of hair and get free stuff from Scrooge. She just has that kind of personality. She and Liza hit it of immediately. I knew they would; that's why I had Cheryl sit next to her. Turns out Liza owns a construction company and is good friends with several of the Caps players. Liza also has parties that the Caps players attend. Cheryl and Liza exchanged numbers because Liza said next time she has a party, she's inviting Cheryl and me. Cheryl just has this way with people.

Oh, and totally changing the subject, I have taught my cat, Harry, to high-five me. Tonight he did it in front of Cheryl so I have a witness. I stick my hand up, say "high-five" to him and he hits my hand with his front paw. I have got to get this on video.
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I have been very cranky lately (no surprise if you read my previous post). And judging by the general attitude around here, I think most people who live in this area right now are also very cranky. Why? Because of this freaking heat! It's now the 25th of September and for the past 4 - 5 days it's been well over 90 degrees. In September. We should have the windows open. We should be enjoying cool temps at night. Instead my AC is still cranking away and the mosquitoes are still biting. Summer is my least favorite season so I hate this more than I can say. It just stirs up an inner rage that makes me want to punch things. And I know that's not good. Also, I need rain. Where some people have seasonal depression because of rain, I get it due to the lack of rain. Only I don't get depressed. I get angry. Like now. I think I actually feel a little better writing all that out. At least I did until I just heard on the weather that we could have more 90 degree days in October. I wanted to punch the stupid weatherman.

Now on to kitty TMI, hockey happiness, and a guy named Bill )

Oh, almost forgot, Happy Belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] smacky30! Hope you had a great day!
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I really can't wait for summer to end. I hate this season with a passion. The only redeeming thing about the season is farmer's markets (I have perfected my ability to choose a good watermelon) and all the fresh fruits and veggies. Other than that, I hate the heat, the humidity, the gnats and mosquitoes, and the annoying neighborhood children. Today I was outside putting some fresh mulch over the places that the work crew destroyed and suddenly the smell of wood smoke wafted my way. I love this smell. Despite that it was hot and very humid today, this smell is Fall to me. It takes me back to certain memories of my childhood: hay rides with my Camp Fire girl troop (my mom couldn't afford Girl Scouts), camping at the lake, a trip to Mountainburg, Arkansas to visit my stepmother's family in the Ozarks. I hate wishing for days to pass quickly because I'm older now and each day is, well, another day closer to the grave. But damn, I really can't wait for those cool, damp, fall days and the smell of wood smoke hanging in the air.

All the less sentimental stuff is under the cut. )
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I survived the trip to Oklahoma with little to no mom incidents.

I actually wish I'd stayed a little longer )
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I think I'm really stretching for something to post now.

Just two more days... )
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It's too bad Russia never showed up for the game with Canada. I had high hopes for a good game but that was pathetic. I blame the whole team but the Russian coach gave the game away.

Hockey talk and other random thoughts )
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Ever had one of those days when you just felt like crying? You know, one of those times where something triggers the sadness and you just go on a crying jag for all of humanity? Well, that happened to me this evening. An all-out tear-fest for a good five minutes. The trigger? American Idol eliminating a singer that was on her third try to go through. And all of a sudden, the floodgates opened. It was good though. I needed it. I needed to unload a lot of stress, quite a bit of sadness, some loneliness, and a hint of anger. I'm over it now and I've moved on. But what did I get out of it--besides a good nose blowing and the realization that I definitely need some time off? My kitty, Harry, jumping onto my lap and giving me the paw of comfort. And then he tried to lick the empty food plate but that's beside the point.

My knee, which felt like amputation was in order last night, feels much better today. It's still a little dicey going up and down the stairs but at least I can bend it now. RICE works!

I love snowboarding halfpipe. Japanese dude does a face plant. That'll knock some chicklets loose. Shaun White is phenomenal. That last run was just...sick. And Bud Keene, Shaun White's coach who I believe did in fact utter the fuck word on national television while NBC had the mike on, is quite hot. And he's my age. Score!

I stayed up long enough to watch Ovechkin score two goals in Russia's drudging of Latvia last night. There are five players on the Russian team who either play for or played for the Capitals. And they wear red.

And to my BFF, that subject line is for you!
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Russia plays Latvia in hockey at midnight tonight. I might have to record the game. Watching China and Finland women's hockey. Now this is good stuff! Who knew China could play such exciting hockey? There's definitely more action between these two teams than I've seen before.

Tonight I am too boring to be of interest )
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So here are the random highlights of the last few days:

Cut because my random is a long, long, ramble )
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For some reason the Jim Brass Forum currently hates me. I can't access it at all--it tries to connect and then times out. It's the only freaking website on the internet I want to access but can't. I'm thinking it's probably somehow related to Zone Alarm ForceField. That stupid program will sometimes cause Firefox to crash over and over.

Kill Me If You Can )
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Caps unleashed the fury all over the Red Wings! The most amazing part? The Caps went two men down the last minute and a half and still kept Detroit from scoring.

I love Caps hockey!
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First of all, snow! OMFG! Snow! Everyone run immediately to the grocery store and the gas station because lord knows we can't exist without a great big glass of milk, a loaf of bread and two tons of toilet paper in case the bread and milk give us the runs during the sprinkles of snow.

I'm supposed to be in Vegas today. And yesterday. And the day before. But I'm not. Why? Because work has been running my life. I've worked every single day since the first week of October. Initially everything was to have been turned in last Friday but as usually happens with dealing with a bunch of clueless corporate fucktards, the deadline has been extended a week. So we can answer a half dozen other data calls that we'll have to do at least two more times. I love my job.

On the plus side I got invited by Group finance to the Caps game last Saturday and got to sit in the executive suite. Sweet! All the food and drink you want and if the suite doesn't have what you want, pick up a phone and call them to bring it. But seriously, as nice as it was, I like the regular company seats down with the real hockey fans.

Another plus side, a couple of days before the Saturday game, I went to a Thursday night game. Game was fan-freaking-tastic (we won with 11 seconds left) but before the game we went to Zaytinya, a Greek/Mediterranean tapas restaurant. Awesome! I have a couple of co-worker friends who live in DC and know all the great restaurants. We're hitting Wolfgang Puck's The Source the week before Christmas for a "we survived the last two and a half months" dinner. It'll be cool to see DC decked out for the holidays.

In spite of all the work shit, I have managed to do a lot of writing. And that leads me to a question: how much smut is too much smut for fanfiction.net? I have one fic posted that's a little graphic. This fic will be a lot graphic. Does it really matter?

Oh, and to top it all off, I used Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion and had an allergic reaction. Can you say Contact Dermatitis? I'm fairly sure I've scratched my face off a couple of times and the skin around my eyes is so puffy and red, I look like I've been on a five day alcohol binge. Don't ever use Clinique. Nasty, nasty stuff.

On a happy note, kitties! )


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