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Does anyone else get a ridiculous amount of catalogs this time of the year? I get them every day but the bulk of them seem to come on Thursdays. I don't know how the postman hasn't developed some sort of ailment trying to stuff them into my very small mailbox (it's one of those cluster boxes). Luckily, I recycle all of them and the proceeds go for the maintenance of the boulevard in a nearby town. At this rate I’ve probably funded an English garden.

The reason I get all these catalogs is because I love to shop online and for the most part, I like getting the catalogs. I just wish they'd scale it back a little. But I love sitting down on the sofa, looking at the catalogs, dog-earing the pages of stuff that I want. Occasionally, I actually order the items but mostly it's just the fun of flipping through catalogs. I'm pretty sure I know where I get this love of catalog shopping. When I was little, my favorite thing was the Sears catalog that came out a couple of months before Christmas. I would spend days going through the toy section, making a list (yes, I was a list maker even as a small child) of everything I wanted for Christmas. I knew I was lucky to get maybe one thing on the list but a kid can wish, right? And that was half the fun of Christmas: dreaming that Santa would bring me the stuff on my list.

Since I'm not married and none of my family has any sort of imagination when it comes to Christmas, I have for many years concocted the pretend husband. The pretend husband buys me awesome gifts. He always knows exactly what I want and I'm never disappointed. He usually buys me big gifts but the last couple of years, I've listed five catalog items and that's what I've gotten. You might think this whole pretend husband thing is strange but my rationale was that if I were married, I would spend this money on my spouse. So I spend it on me and tell everyone my pretend husband bought it for me. Not sure what pretend husband will get for me this year. I have quite a list. But no matter what, I know I won't be disappointed.
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I'm taking the holiday today. So far no fires to put out so I just might make it. I have to take time off otherwise I'm going to start losing vacation hours. I could take off every Monday from now until the end of the year and still have hours left over. Sad but true.

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Oh, and before I forget, thank you [livejournal.com profile] inamberclad for the very sweet virtual gift!
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Do you know why they call it President's Day? Because on this day, I drop a shitload of dead Presidents.

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My company gives us three floating holidays so today I'm celebrating the day that Columbus discovered the white sale. Yes, it's one of the better holidays because it's the one that requires us to shop. And that I've been doing. All weekend long. On Friday I went into Best Buy with every intention of buying one of those Bose speaker thingies for my iPod. I never made it over by the Bose speaker thingies. Instead, I wandered over by the flat panel TV's and then into Magnolia. Let's just say the Bose speaker thingy would have been a hell of a lot cheaper but not nearly as pretty to look at.

So, does anyone out there need a 20" Panasonic with remote? It's about 4 years old and dusty. I'll make you a really good deal on it. Really good. ***UPDATE*** I gave away the TV today. A very nice woman in need of a bed (she was relocated to this area because of Katrina and decided to stay) came to pick up a daybed I was giving away. She got the TV as her lovely parting gift. Anyone who drives out to Loudoun County from PG County in rush hour deserves a free TV.

And speaking of TV's, right now the two younger kitties are amusing themselves (and me) by watching this cat video called "Catnip". All it has on it are birds and squirrels frolicking in the wild, making bird and squirrel noises, and the cats go crazy. First they sit, mesmerized, then they try to paw at the screen, or they "run" after the birds who fly away. It's a hoot to watch.


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