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Update to Vegas trip. We've narrowed down our list of things to do with a new addition. Last night one of my friends emailed us that Elton John is playing a concert in Las Vegas on the 5th. It's one night only, the really good seats are in the $$$ range and were we interested because she'd never seen him, always wanted to and was going with or without us. I love Sir Elton. He was my very first concert and since then I've seen him maybe 5 times. Even when he was at his pudgy and druggy worst, he still put on a great show. The guy is 60 now and he doesn't do the big concert tours any more so my reply was an enthusiastic "hell yes, I want to go"! My other friend also agreed and today I got an email saying she got the tickets. I'm so excited!

Anyway, here's what we have lined up so far--in addition to gambling and much consumption of alcohol.

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Also, I just watched Pushing Daisies and that one is definitely on my DVR list (I rarely make it home in time to actually watch shows that start at 8pm). Besides being absolutely amazing to see in HD, I love the characters and the idea. It's just...wow.
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We're going to Vegas again. The trip is set for November 3rd thru the 7th and hopefully this time, all three of us will make it. We have our plane tickets and today I booked the rooms. I tried to get the same King and Queen Bellagio suites we had last time but I couldn't get the special rate so the woman at the Bellagio made another recommendation that is actually a bit cheaper. So now we are booked for 4 nights in a Penthouse suite and connecting suite. The room includes a limo to and from the airport so in a slight cost saving move, we decided to bag the rental car this time. We'll just stagger every where we want to go. Or take a taxi.

On a separate note, HAPPY TWO DAYS LATE BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] barracudacool! I'm such a loser, I totally missed that your birthday was Saturday. Hope you spent the day doing great things.
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All the dirty details are under the cut.

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American Idol, songs from commercials, Vegas, and other stuff.

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Okay so today at work my friends and I planned our Vegas trip. We're going the 25th to the 28th of April and I'm in charge of finding a hotel that has a suite with 3 rooms, maybe a wet bar, and a view of the city. Don't really care what it costs. Well, sort of care a little. So, my flist, do any of you have any hotel recommendations that might meet the criteria?

Also, we want to go to Cirque du Soleil while we're there so if any of you can recommend one over the other, that would be great. I'm leaning towards Mystere or O but my stepmother said Ka was amazing.

Oh, and at least two of us are getting a tattoo.
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Okay, so I was trying to get tickets to Cirque du Soleil but they are all sold out for the dates we can go. So what did we decide? We're going to Vegas, baby!

Yup, we decided we'd do a long weekend in Vegas in January, stay at a really nice hotel (we have one vote for the Bellagio and one vote for the Venetian so far) and then go see Cirque there. I, of course, will be on the look-out for Paul Guilfoyle who, of course, won't be there.


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