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In February of 2010 [livejournal.com profile] unwrittenkitten mentioned something about NaBloPoMo and although it wasn't November, I decided to give it a shot. I had so much fun with it that when November rolled around, I wanted to do it again. And now it's November and I'm ready to give it a shot again. Not sure how long these posts will be - I'm sure it will depend on how long my work day goes - but I need to get writing again and what better way to start.

So, here it goes. And [livejournal.com profile] unwrittenkitten, since you got me into this mess, I'm looking at a post or two from you! Who else is with me?

And now I will tell you why I like hockey better than football )
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Today was not a good day. First Firefox kept crashing, then I realized I lost about half my bookmarks (still didn't get them all restored), and on top of all that I've been trying to keep a headache at bay all day. I have a list of stuff I needed to get done but I'm just getting over a cold and I'm still dragging. So really, there hasn't been anything to be happy about today. Except this:

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I've been a Cowboys fan since I was 5 years old (sadly, that's more than a couple of decades ago) and every single season they never fail to give me a near heart attack with their moments of stupidity--though not as stupid as the Eagles' Desean Jackson running to the end zone and purposely dropping the ball in celebration one yard before he gets in. But good teams find a way to win and that the Cowboys did.

How 'bout them Cowboys!
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The Cowboys just pulled off the most amazing win. Not the most amazing win ever (they've stopped my heart a couple of dozen times over the last almost 40 years) but definitely a top 10. Romo had something like a hundred interceptions in the first half and still the Cowboys won with two 53 yard field goals in the final 2 seconds. Note to Dick Juron: FU. Your team still lost.

I used to work with this guy, Ron (can't remember his last name but he had chives growing out of the top of his nose), who worked part time with the Redskins. Ron used to tell me that good teams always find a way to win. Even when their QB does everything he can to give the game away. Ron also said that defenses win games and tonight that couldn't be more true. Buffalo scored 24 points. Their offense scored 3. Um, yeah.

Next week it's New England at Dallas. This one should be good.
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I never expected Dallas to beat Seattle so really, I'm not all that upset--even though they should have won the game. Right now, I don't think there's a person on the planet who feels worse than Tony Romo and that's too bad. The whole team lost the game but all anyone will remember is the fact that he muffed the hold on the gimme field goal that would have won the game.

On the upside, how about those Caps? Kicking Thrasher butt tonight! Football might be over until next Fall for me (well, there's always the Super Bowl pool to play) but hockey just went past the mid point of the season. I love hockey.
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My Boys did it! They beat the previously undefeated Colts! Tony Romo replacing Drew Bledsoe was the smartest move Bill Parcells ever made, even though Jerry Jones thought it basically gave away the season. Bet Mr. Too Much Plastic Surgery is eating those words now. Well, he might eat them if he could still move his mouth.

And what makes this even sweeter? The stupid Eagles and the pathetic Deadskins lost. Woot! Now if the Giants would just lose tomorrow night...
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It is the time of the year that I anticipate even more than the return of CSI. Yes, it's the NFL kickoff. I live for NFL football (and the office pools). I grew up in football country (Oklahoma) and I've been a huge Dallas Cowboy fan since I was 5 years old and my grandpa gave me a Cowboys' uniform complete with shoulder pads and helmet for Christmas. Big time Tomboy, I was.

Yeah, yeah, I know I live in Redskins country, arch-enemies of the Cowboys, but if you're a true fan, you stay true to your team, even when you move 1200 miles away and into hostile territory. And besides, I sometimes think the Cowboys fans out-number the Redskins fans, especially when they play each other at Fed Ex Field.


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