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I think I'm really stretching for something to post now.

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It's too bad Russia never showed up for the game with Canada. I had high hopes for a good game but that was pathetic. I blame the whole team but the Russian coach gave the game away.

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Ever had one of those days when you just felt like crying? You know, one of those times where something triggers the sadness and you just go on a crying jag for all of humanity? Well, that happened to me this evening. An all-out tear-fest for a good five minutes. The trigger? American Idol eliminating a singer that was on her third try to go through. And all of a sudden, the floodgates opened. It was good though. I needed it. I needed to unload a lot of stress, quite a bit of sadness, some loneliness, and a hint of anger. I'm over it now and I've moved on. But what did I get out of it--besides a good nose blowing and the realization that I definitely need some time off? My kitty, Harry, jumping onto my lap and giving me the paw of comfort. And then he tried to lick the empty food plate but that's beside the point.

My knee, which felt like amputation was in order last night, feels much better today. It's still a little dicey going up and down the stairs but at least I can bend it now. RICE works!

I love snowboarding halfpipe. Japanese dude does a face plant. That'll knock some chicklets loose. Shaun White is phenomenal. That last run was just...sick. And Bud Keene, Shaun White's coach who I believe did in fact utter the fuck word on national television while NBC had the mike on, is quite hot. And he's my age. Score!

I stayed up long enough to watch Ovechkin score two goals in Russia's drudging of Latvia last night. There are five players on the Russian team who either play for or played for the Capitals. And they wear red.

And to my BFF, that subject line is for you!
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Russia plays Latvia in hockey at midnight tonight. I might have to record the game. Watching China and Finland women's hockey. Now this is good stuff! Who knew China could play such exciting hockey? There's definitely more action between these two teams than I've seen before.

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Today's post is brought to you by the Olympics. Because really, is there anything else on TV to watch?

When will snow shoveling become an Olympic event? )


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