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I have been very cranky lately (no surprise if you read my previous post). And judging by the general attitude around here, I think most people who live in this area right now are also very cranky. Why? Because of this freaking heat! It's now the 25th of September and for the past 4 - 5 days it's been well over 90 degrees. In September. We should have the windows open. We should be enjoying cool temps at night. Instead my AC is still cranking away and the mosquitoes are still biting. Summer is my least favorite season so I hate this more than I can say. It just stirs up an inner rage that makes me want to punch things. And I know that's not good. Also, I need rain. Where some people have seasonal depression because of rain, I get it due to the lack of rain. Only I don't get depressed. I get angry. Like now. I think I actually feel a little better writing all that out. At least I did until I just heard on the weather that we could have more 90 degree days in October. I wanted to punch the stupid weatherman.

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Oh, almost forgot, Happy Belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] smacky30! Hope you had a great day!


Aug. 8th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Today is supposed to be a lucky day. Eh, I have to admit, it wasn't too bad. I hit all the lights coming home from picking up dinner so that was pretty lucky. My sector is re-aligning and re-organizing and so far, I still have a job. That's lucky--I think. I got an hour and a half massage that put me to sleep for the last half hour - not so much lucky as lovely. Oh, and I managed to drop off all my recycling and then get to the massage on time. That really was lucky.

Hugs and kisses to the Canadians for sending us some of their cool air for a few days. Seriously, I can't thank you enough! Normally, August in Northern VA consists of three words: hazy, hot, humid. Today it was 85 with low humidity and a lovely breeze out of the Northeast. Tomorrow, highs in the low 80's and even lower humidity. They're even saying tomorrow night will drop into the 50's. Where am I, Portland, Oregon?

And speaking of Portland, I was watching House Hunters (don't judge me) tonight and they were at Bella Beach in Lincoln City. That's where my cousins and I went last year and the house we stayed in along with the new houses they were building at the time were on the show! Yeah, it doesn't take much to excite me.

Lastly, this makes me very, very angry. I mean, spitting nails, yelling at the sheriff and PG County police chief whenever they're on TV, I've never felt this angry about an injustice before, angry.
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This is another one of those shotgun posts. Work has been fairly stressful lately so I haven't had the energy to be very sociable.

Tiger Woods is dead to me for this comment. He really wasn't all that alive to me but he blew whatever chance he had. Ass.

And FWIW, I have never watched golf. I might though if Tiger plays full contact golf and takes a golf ball to the face, then plays 54 holes and then another 54 holes after that with a hastily stitched cut and a broken nose. You know, sort of like how the Pens' Ryan Malone took a puck to the face, went in for stitches and came back out to play all of the game, including the 3 OT's. Btw, congrats to the Red Wings! It was a great cup final.

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The weather has finally turned here. High's are in the mid 70's, there's a cool breeze out of the northeast and the sky is a perfect, cloudless blue. The cooler temps make me want to do two things: open all the windows and cook.

I've opened the windows and now I'm going to test out my new food processor by making Green Olive Tapenade and Basil Pesto. The tapenade recipe is from Paolo's Ristorante and it's delish, especially with warm breadsticks.

If you're interested and want to try it, you can find the recipe here: Paolo's Famous Tapenade. You either have to really like the stuff or half the recipe because it makes a lot. I love it but I always have to share with friends.
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I don't like Christmas. Seriously, it's my least favorite holiday. Hell, FWIW, I hate the entire month of December but that mostly has to do with work, which of course feeds into my growing hate for Christmas.

I used to love Christmas when I was a kid. Not the fact that I got presents, although that was definitely a plus. It was the family thing--the tradition of driving up to my Aunt and Uncle's place a couple of days before Christmas and singing "White Christmas" with my mom the entire way in hopes of making it snow (never worked). My grandparents would have this huge holiday party with all the family and friends. It was great fun. But my Aunt and Uncle divorced, as did the grandparents, friends and family passed away, kids grew up and moved away and now Christmas is just another day in December. I tried going home once for Christmas but it was one of the worst experiences ever. Whoever said Christmas is for children wasn't kidding. It really is.

Anyway, now I stay home, work a lot, and go to my Dad and Stepmother's where zero Christmas tradition exists--except maybe for my sister and my dad arguing over something stupid and then my dad being Mr. Unsociable for the rest of the day. Yeah, fun.

Oh, and don't even get me started on these freaking 60 degree temps in December or the fact that I want to stab people on the news who say, "I love the warm weather". It's Northern VA, people. It's supposed to be cold in December!


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