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Yes, this is the final post about my favorite year. Hey, it was good for stretching out this blog thing. I was a little stumped for ideas otherwise. But just to add a little Olympic note: tomorrow night, Russia vs. Canada. Cannot wait!

Oh, and Tucker seems to be coming down with a cold. He's been sneezing non-stop since Friday night. And if it is a cold, no doubt the other two will get it too. Joy.

So here it is, the last trip to California.

Thelma, Louise and the Babushka in the back seat )
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I realized today that it's probably a good thing I'm blogging all this because I think I lost the notes I took. Either that or I can't find them.

Also, I downloaded ad blocker for Firefox and now I can't seem to post to LJ via Firefox. I also can't leave a review on FF.net. Have to go through IE. I hate IE.

Bubble Toes )
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It looks like the trip to Monterey and San Francisco is on for September. My friend is excited! I am excited! It will be very exciting!

The third trip to CA )
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Before I forget, 2003 wasn't all about travel. The other thing that made it a great year? I adopted Harry in July and Sophie in October. So yeah, it really was a great year.

The first trip to L.A. )
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Do you have a favorite year? You know, that one year where everything seemed to click and all the memories of that year were great? That one year you wish you could relive over and over? Mine was 2003.

2003: The year I discovered California )


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