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Not sure what has gotten into me but I've now finished two fics over the last six months. First there was She Sells Sanctuary in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fandom and just last week I posted to final chapter to a Brass/CSI fic called Shelter from the Storm. This one is a sequel to Forgiveness and features the return of Annie Kramer. I haven't finished two fics this close together since 2007. As painful as it was, changing jobs really was a good thing.

In other news first it was the right elbow, now it's the left. I have a surgery date of April 8th. I guess my left elbow was jealous and wanted a matching scar. I'm just a tad paranoid of getting another frozen shoulder so I'm glad I'm not waiting too terribly long but the freaking elbow hurts so much that I may take a kitchen knife and cut it off between now and April.

And lastly, my kitty-boy, Harry, the oldest of the trio, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in early January. He's on prednisone now and that's helping him eat. My goal is to get him to his 12th birthday on April 28th. He's lost some weight but other than that and the spit ups he does if he eats to fast, he's doing okay at the moment. I was pretty gutted when I found out and I'll be gutted when I lose him - he's been such an awesome cat - but at least I can enjoy the time he has left. And if he's still around after my surgery, I'll have four weeks to spend at home with him.
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I think my new ship is Brass/DB. Seriously, these two have brought the "old guy" camaraderie that left with Grissom back to CSI.

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Okay, I was wrong. Some of you DO read my Brass-heavy CSI posts, even if they are completely jumbled, and I thank you very much!

I was feeling a little pissy last night because of comments I was reading on one particular board. They are very quick to crucify Brass, saying how he's on the path to the dark side and being a dirty cop because of his actions in last night's episode. Sure Brass defended the cop suspected of being the murder. The guy was a friend. What's he supposed to do? I guess that makes him bad but what makes Brass truly evil? Brass gives details of what a little girl did when she was given PCP. Her mother gave her this dose and later, when they can prove it, the DA decides against prosecuting it because he said the waters were muddied. After the mother is found dead, Brass says the waters aren't muddied any more. He feels like the mother got what she deserves. But what people didn't talk about was Vartann. Vartann investigated a case where an 8 year old boy was murdered by Kevin Fetzer, the victim found beaten on his birthday cake. Catherine tells Vartann how Fetzer died and he says, "someone beat Kevin Fetzer's face in with an arcade ball? There's some justice in that." Vartann's expression when he says it looked a lot more like satisfaction than remorse. Plus he also says that if Mikey Moran had been his kid, he wouldn’t have waited 20 years to go after the guy. So yeah, neither Vartann nor Brass are sorry to see the murderers get murdered but Brass is evil and dark. Of course Vartann used to be Mr. Lack of Sensitivity but now he's Mr. Perfect because he dated Catherine so he gets to skate. Or better yet, Brass's words, even though Vartann's are the same, have a different meaning because of what Brass did for Ray.

Pisses me off.

My consolation is that I've read a couple of online reviews and none of them put Brass down that path. On the contrary they talk about what a great actor PG is and how it's wearing on Brass to see criminals go free.
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I'll state the very obvious. Brass fans have suffered the last two years. We really have. But this episode, along with the last episode. Wow. Just...wow. I never, ever saw that coming.

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Every time I hear that little girl say "it gives me warmth" in that Quaker Oats commercial, I have to wonder if they couldn't find an actual little girl. Seriously, what kid says "it gives me warmth"? Kid talks like she's someone's grandma.

My stupid neighbors have an equally stupid dog named, Ranger. I'm not sure what he mutated from but he is the ugliest dog ever. And he barks. All the time. The best part though is when he runs loose in the neighborhood, barking at people, almost getting hit by cars, and then standing on the sidewalk in front of his own house and barking incessantly. They put him in their backyard (I know this because he barks non stop while he's out there) and he gets out but the stupid neighbors are too lazy to go and get him. I also wonder if they understand that it's not okay to let their dog run around off leash because when they do actually take him out, he's rarely on a leash. Sad to say but I honestly would not shed a tear if he got hit by a car and more than once I've thought about calling animal control. Unfortunately, it's always late at night. I really hate that dog.

Can I just say that I have to bite my tongue every time someone on one of the CSI boards says something on CSI is "not realistic". The whole show is not realistic. It failed to be realistic the first time it made CSIs do anything more than gather up and process evidence. It's dramatic fiction and even though they might do research and base it on real cases, they take a whole lot of liberties, especially when they have Nick Stokes break down a door and corner a suspect.

Obviously, if you are a twentysomething person is Russia, Ukraine or China, you have nothing better to do than sign up to forums on your birthday (they always pop up under "birthdays" and they are always in their 20's) and then either post gibberish or links to meet your new, hot(?) bride. Honestly, I probably delete half a dozen of them a day. Used to be more but given how huge the IP ban list is, I think I've covered a good chunk of the spambot world.
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Last week's episode was kind of meh. This week I couldn't keep the brain's straight but who cares because this episode made me very, very happy.

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I'm posting this one for [livejournal.com profile] rook4 who loves Brass but can't watch the show and can't access to the The Jim Brass Forum.

So, not much Brass in this episode. Actually, I think he was an afterthought. PG is looking great this season (makes it kind of obvious that he was unwell over the last year and a half) so to have him show up in the last 10 minutes was a complete waste of a very cute man and a huge presence on the show.Plus, after two years of bitching about his hair, I'm finally happy with it again.

Someone on another board said that PG wants a lighter workload but the fans still want to see him in an episode so this was a nice compromise. I disagree. "CSI Down" was a nice compromise. This was nothing more than a Brass drive-by appearance. I get that he might want a lighter workload after commuting coast to coast for 11 seasons but I hope it isn't lighter than the last two seasons because then he would be invisible. I really hope they don't piss him away this season and then he leaves without any kind of send off.

Personally, I think what this episode missed was Brass with the CSIs at the side show. Seeing his reaction to some of the freaks would have been priceless.

Best line of the show? Nick calling Jim, Jimbo.
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I am really loving CSI again! If you stopped watching because it became the Super!Ray show, then you should tune in again. Grissom isn't back and Sara isn't always in every episode but the humor is back, the characters (and actors) seem like they're enjoying themselves again, and D.B. is quirky enough that I can watch even if Brass is AWOL. Plus, Brass' hair is nearly an inch long, which is much better than the barely there cut he had the past two seasons.

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If you're not watching CSI, you're missing a return to greatness. Tonight's episode is seriously that good.

Those shrooms in your office aren't medicinal, are they )
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I haven't enjoyed a CSI episode this much in at least a couple of years.

Definitely liking the new guy and the return of Brass' hair )

The List

Mar. 11th, 2011 12:48 am
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Yeah, yeah, I know I need to write up all the details to last weekend but I came back and work has been a bitch (no surprise), Caps game last night, Caps game tomorrow night, and I have to drive up to Philly at a time that I don't believe is allowed on a weekend. Plus, it's daylight savings this weekend and losing that hour always puts me in a crappy mood. I will say though that I was so looking forward to tonight's CSI episode because I get to see Paul and it brought back all the awesomeness that was Sunday night.

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So 2011 definitely got off to an interesting start. Had a family issue yesterday morning/afternoon that, while bad for my youngest sister, made me feel pretty good as a big sister. Long story short, she was having a major anxiety attack and since I was the only one near her, my dad called me to help her. I wasn't raised with my half sisters (I was raised as an only child) so it's just within the last 10 years or so that I've really felt like a big sister. Knowing that I really did help my sister made me feel pretty freaking good! It also made me realize how alike we are and we agreed that we both need to get out of the house more.

The Capitals played the Penguins in the Winter Classic last night and much to the delight of Caps fans everywhere, we kicked Penguin butt. I have a lot of friends who were at the game and all of them have said it was awesome - even when Penguins fans threw beer on some of them after the game.

I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The part of the company I'm in used to shut down during the week between Christmas and New Year's. The part of the company I came from never did so the fact that I probably worked at most an hour on Wednesday was pretty awesome. There's always a price to pay though so I'm not looking forward to January. My business unit is reorganizing and I'll be the one coordinating it. Hmm, I'm thinking I'll just work from home tomorrow. And Tuesday. And Friday. That might make it a little less painful.

Watching S1 of CSI on Spike. Early Brass/Catherine flirtiness in Pledging Mr.Johnson is excellent. Brass with longer hair is also excellent. Like how he's generally not sporting a tie back then too. I miss the old Brass. One interesting thing that was mentioned on the Paleyfest DVD is that BP says his hair was white all the way back in 2001 however, Les Moonves wouldn't let him on TV with white hair so he had to color it.

And speaking of Brass, have done a lot of writing over the past week. Like maybe 10 pages on a Brass/Annie fic. Still don't have an ending yet so that's not good. Starting to make me feel like I'm plodding in quicksand.
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Two amusing things happened tonight.

First, the building I work in has a fitness center for all the company employees. It's not very big, nor is it very busy so I like it a lot. Tonight I go in and there's this one other woman in there. I've seen her in there before but I've never run into her at work. She tends to go to all the different machines and does a few reps with a lot of weight for a short period of time. I got in, I put in my earphones, and listen to my iPod while I do time on the bike. She gets on the elliptical and must put it on the highest setting because she's really working at it. Ok, no problem. I'm listening to my tunes and biking up a hill. As she's doing her workout though, she's making these noises and honest to God, it sounds like she's in the throes of an orgasm! I'm afraid to turn around (the elliptical is behind the bike) for fear of what I might see. And I mean, she's loud and it's kind of squicking me out. Another guy came in and she moved over to the weights. The noise wasn't quite as bad - more like grunts and groans - but now when I go in there and she's in there, I'm not going to be able to look at her without bursting out laughing.

Second, I decide to call in an order to Moby Dick's, an excellent local kabob place, and pick it up on the way home. I do this so much that I have two Moby locations programmed into my cell phone. So I call the one close to work and say "I'd like to place and order for carry out", like I always do. Only the guy didn't understand the word, "Carry-out". He must have repeated it back to me three times before I finally said, "Carry-out. I come in and pick it up.". Then he got it. But in the meantime I can hear him repeating the word and the people behind him are repeating it back to him. So when I go and pick it up, I have to give him the last four digits of my cell phone (that's how they identify the order). So I give them to him. Now my cell # starts with a 0 so I say 0xxx. The same guy I spoke to on the phone is the one asking and he says, no, the last FOUR digits. I repeat the last four digits. He says no again. And this time I count them off on my fingers. He finally got it but while this was going on, the guy who was working behind him was smiling at me and shaking his head. Apparently, this happens a lot with this guy.

And yes, I did watch CSI tonight. But I'll put that under the cut.

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If last night was food fail, tonight was food win. I stopped at Whole Foods, got much better, hair-free spring rolls, a lump crab cake, some rock shrimp (for the weekend) and these awesome pumpkin/cranberry/walnut and maple/walnut cookies. I love the cookies at Whole Foods. Heck, I love Whole Foods. Just wish there was a bigger one near me. I could live in that place.

Today at work they announced yet another re-org. When I first heard that it was coming (a couple of hours before the formal announcement), I can't tell you how demoralized I was. My company should be called "Management Re-organizing Constantly" because that's all we do. We have re-orged at least once, sometimes twice, every year since 2007. And it sucks because they always announce these things right before the holidays and then we, the people in the trenches, have to give up our holidays to make it happen. This is why I mostly hate Christmas. I never get to actually enjoy Christmas. My boss doesn't think it's going to be too bad but right now, no one really knows what's going to happen. Stay tuned...

This is the part where I fangirl Brass )
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They said it! They said the snow word! Okay, so it's not really going to snow but they said the word. It'll probably be all the snow we'll see this winter.

I am excited for this weekend because we go back to real time! I hate daylight savings time. Hate it. I don't like that extra hour of daylight enough to give up my "spring forward" hour.

Tonight is CSI and there was lots of Brass so I will depart from the thoughtful blog posts of the last two days and fangirl my favorite detective. Oh, and tomorrow is a hockey night so who knows what I'll post. It could be those stat sheets they pass around between periods.

Finally, some Brass worth watching! )
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Now that it's hockey season CSI gets bumped in favor of Caps' games. Thursday night I kind of wish I'd watched CSI over the Caps because they choked against Boston. Luckily, they found their game last night against Atlanta.

House of Hoarders and other stuff )
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I was actually looking forward to this episode because Brass was in the previews (shock) and Sqweegel looked sufficiently creepy.

It's the sound the brushes make: sqwee gel, sqwee gel )


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