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At the end of April, I flew out to San Francisco for a few days of vacation. My cousin flew down from Portland and we met up at the airport. She definitely got the better flight deal but I didn't care. I love San Francisco.

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Wow, was my last update really April 2nd? I can't believe it's been that long. You know what that means?

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This is going to be a long post with a lot of randomness. A lot has been going on in the month since I last posted and most of it is good.

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Do you have a favorite year? You know, that one year where everything seemed to click and all the memories of that year were great? That one year you wish you could relive over and over? Mine was 2003.

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My New Toy

Feb. 11th, 2006 12:58 am
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I went out tonight and bought an iPod. Wow, I feel so hip now. Bought the 60gb video iPod cause I want to take it to the Keys next month. I have this vision of me sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean and doing some writing while listening to some inspiring tunes. Oh, and the cooler full of Coronas will be sitting in the sand next to me. We got this house right on the beach so I'm stoked. A week of that and then I'll head to Miami to hook up with some friends. Katie and Jorge are moving again. I freeloaded off them when they were living in L.A.--and would love, love, love for them to move back there. The house they had was awesome! Jorge got transferred to Miami and then this summer, he's getting transferred to Madrid, Spain. Of course I'll have to go visit them over there as well. It would have been really cool if they'd been transferred to Rome but Jorge doesn't speak Italian. Anyway, got a convertible Mustang rental car and some sunscreen and my iPod. Life is good.


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