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A couple of months ago at work our division VP decided that we were going to a 9/80 work schedule. For those not familiar with this, it means that in our two week pay period (80 hours) we work 8 nine hour days and then one 8 hour Friday and get the first Friday in the pay period off. Today was my first off Friday and I have to say, score one for my division! I also like that my manager stressed that we actually take the day off and not look at the Blackberry. I kind of forgot about the Blackberry until just now.

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Louise Lombard is following me on Twitter. I know it's because she's new and doesn't get that I might follow her but she doesn't have to follow me back but I feel like I should tweet something clever. Tweeting something like "hey, I ship you and Brass" is probably not clever.

Today is my second day of vacation. So far I've hung pictures, tore a couple of holes in the bathroom wall when trying to hang a shelf, patched the holes, shopped for the holiday care package for my adopted soldier, packed all the stuff in the care package, dropped off clothes at dry cleaners, talked to friend for 2.5 hours (haven't talked to her for several months so we needed to catch up), took cat to vet, and put in some work hours because apparently, they cannot function without me. Tomorrow it's post office, pick up dry cleaning, and paint the patched walls. If I'm lucky and nothing else pops up, I might get some time to write. Might. Sadly, writing was my whole reason for wanting to take this time off. I haven't done any decent writing for so long, I feel like my brain has turned to mush.

I recorded Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer tonight for my cat, Sophie. This is why )
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All day today I kept thinking it was Sunday. And even though I'm off work most of next week, I was still dreading Monday.

So far my two greatest accomplishments of this long weekend were raking 6 bags of leaves and getting a couple of 4x6 pictures printed and a picture hung. Yep, feeling pretty proud of myself.

Some time this summer I bought a new computer. I debated between an iMac and another PC and finally decided I didn't want the hassle of a new OS so after some research I went with an HP TouchSmart 610. It's the PC version of an iMac in that there is no desktop or laptop - just an all in one screen. And you can touch it. That's nice to have and all but I'm old school and want a keyboard and a mouse (wireless, of course). I mean, can you imagine typing up a fic using a touchpad on a screen? Like the iMac, I have just one cord to plug in. No mess, no fuss. A couple of weeks ago I bought an HP Photosmart 6510 wireless printer. Again, only cord. And the best part is that it has ePrint so I can print from my Droid and my iPad. I'm really loving how uncluttered everything is now. However, I can't tell you the number of times I've clicked off a webpage just because I tried to clean a smudge off the screen.

My 68 year old mother just got a phone a couple of months ago that allows her to text. So of course she started text-spamming me. The best part? She would put "mom" after every text. I think she finally figured out that I know who it is because she finally stopped signing them. I'm pretty sure that at some point I'll be blogging "shit my mom texts".
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I have made two discoveries lately: Chobani Greek yogurt and Glaceau Vitamin Water. The Chobani pineapple and mango flavors are my favorites. Fage is another favorite but I think I like Chobani a little better. The Vitamin water has taken the place of soda for me. I stick to the ones with truvia (no sugar) and the orange and lemonade flavors are my favorites. No caffeine but I drink a lot of iced tea too so I'm happy. Plus, I needed to cut down on the caffeine anyway.

I found an excellent electrician named Kenny. He's been out twice now and so far he's replaced all the light switches with the flat switches (I like them better than the regular switches), replaced the round dimmer switch and ceiling fan switches with sliders, installed a slider for the ceiling fan upstairs (before I had to use the chain to turn it on and off). He also fixed the wiring in the outside outlet so now I can put up Xmas lights and plug in a water fountain over the summer, installed new outside lights in the front and the back of the house. My front door is on the side of the townhouse and previously, the front had no light so that really is nice. No more pitch black when the neighbors don't have their porch light on. The best thing he's done so far though is install two 4inch recessed lights over my desk in the 8x8 nook off the master bedroom. The change the lighting makes in the room is just amazing! It's like a whole new room. Wednesday he'll come out and install recessed lighting in the kitchen. This will replace the horrible, horrible fluorescent lights currently in the kitchen. The lights now have these 4 long fluorescent light sticks and two of them have been dying for several months now so it's like a lightning storm in my kitchen. But I knew I was going to replace the lights so I've not changed them. I will probably cry when I come home Wednesday night. I'll still need to get drywall done but just having the lights replaced will be wonderful.

Heading to the Caps game tonight with my friend, T. Hoping the intermittent rains and all around nastiness today will curb some of the tourist traffic around the cherry blossoms because my drive in goes right by the Tidal Basin. Went to the game last Tuesday, peak cherry blossom day, and traffic wasn't bad but stupid tourists who crossed against lights and stepped into oncoming traffic were.


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