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A friend of mine posed the question, if you could have any super power, what would it be. One person said the ability to pause, which I thought was pretty good. Think about it, you could be in the middle of a pretty horrible conversation, pause, and make your escape. A couple of people said invisibility. Yeah, standard answer. One person said the ability to blink and be someplace else. I liked this but if you got something in your eye, you could be bouncing around the world like a ping pong ball. My answer? I would like the ability to use my laser eyes to zap stupid people.

While I realize this will eventually reduce the population by several billion, and at some point I will probably zap myself, the main focus of this super power would be to zap stupid people who stop at a green light. On a busy parkway. With traffic behind them. And no emergency vehicle barreling down the cross street. They just stop dead. All because they are either lost or they missed their turn. Apparently, they were absent from driver's ed the day they taught "if you miss your turn or if you are lost, do not stop in the middle of the intersection while the light is green". So yes, these stupid drivers need to be zapped before they cause a serious accident.
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Every time I hear that little girl say "it gives me warmth" in that Quaker Oats commercial, I have to wonder if they couldn't find an actual little girl. Seriously, what kid says "it gives me warmth"? Kid talks like she's someone's grandma.

My stupid neighbors have an equally stupid dog named, Ranger. I'm not sure what he mutated from but he is the ugliest dog ever. And he barks. All the time. The best part though is when he runs loose in the neighborhood, barking at people, almost getting hit by cars, and then standing on the sidewalk in front of his own house and barking incessantly. They put him in their backyard (I know this because he barks non stop while he's out there) and he gets out but the stupid neighbors are too lazy to go and get him. I also wonder if they understand that it's not okay to let their dog run around off leash because when they do actually take him out, he's rarely on a leash. Sad to say but I honestly would not shed a tear if he got hit by a car and more than once I've thought about calling animal control. Unfortunately, it's always late at night. I really hate that dog.

Can I just say that I have to bite my tongue every time someone on one of the CSI boards says something on CSI is "not realistic". The whole show is not realistic. It failed to be realistic the first time it made CSIs do anything more than gather up and process evidence. It's dramatic fiction and even though they might do research and base it on real cases, they take a whole lot of liberties, especially when they have Nick Stokes break down a door and corner a suspect.

Obviously, if you are a twentysomething person is Russia, Ukraine or China, you have nothing better to do than sign up to forums on your birthday (they always pop up under "birthdays" and they are always in their 20's) and then either post gibberish or links to meet your new, hot(?) bride. Honestly, I probably delete half a dozen of them a day. Used to be more but given how huge the IP ban list is, I think I've covered a good chunk of the spambot world.
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I'm posting this one for [livejournal.com profile] rook4 who loves Brass but can't watch the show and can't access to the The Jim Brass Forum.

So, not much Brass in this episode. Actually, I think he was an afterthought. PG is looking great this season (makes it kind of obvious that he was unwell over the last year and a half) so to have him show up in the last 10 minutes was a complete waste of a very cute man and a huge presence on the show.Plus, after two years of bitching about his hair, I'm finally happy with it again.

Someone on another board said that PG wants a lighter workload but the fans still want to see him in an episode so this was a nice compromise. I disagree. "CSI Down" was a nice compromise. This was nothing more than a Brass drive-by appearance. I get that he might want a lighter workload after commuting coast to coast for 11 seasons but I hope it isn't lighter than the last two seasons because then he would be invisible. I really hope they don't piss him away this season and then he leaves without any kind of send off.

Personally, I think what this episode missed was Brass with the CSIs at the side show. Seeing his reaction to some of the freaks would have been priceless.

Best line of the show? Nick calling Jim, Jimbo.
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I have been very cranky lately (no surprise if you read my previous post). And judging by the general attitude around here, I think most people who live in this area right now are also very cranky. Why? Because of this freaking heat! It's now the 25th of September and for the past 4 - 5 days it's been well over 90 degrees. In September. We should have the windows open. We should be enjoying cool temps at night. Instead my AC is still cranking away and the mosquitoes are still biting. Summer is my least favorite season so I hate this more than I can say. It just stirs up an inner rage that makes me want to punch things. And I know that's not good. Also, I need rain. Where some people have seasonal depression because of rain, I get it due to the lack of rain. Only I don't get depressed. I get angry. Like now. I think I actually feel a little better writing all that out. At least I did until I just heard on the weather that we could have more 90 degree days in October. I wanted to punch the stupid weatherman.

Now on to kitty TMI, hockey happiness, and a guy named Bill )

Oh, almost forgot, Happy Belated Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] smacky30! Hope you had a great day!


Aug. 8th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Today is supposed to be a lucky day. Eh, I have to admit, it wasn't too bad. I hit all the lights coming home from picking up dinner so that was pretty lucky. My sector is re-aligning and re-organizing and so far, I still have a job. That's lucky--I think. I got an hour and a half massage that put me to sleep for the last half hour - not so much lucky as lovely. Oh, and I managed to drop off all my recycling and then get to the massage on time. That really was lucky.

Hugs and kisses to the Canadians for sending us some of their cool air for a few days. Seriously, I can't thank you enough! Normally, August in Northern VA consists of three words: hazy, hot, humid. Today it was 85 with low humidity and a lovely breeze out of the Northeast. Tomorrow, highs in the low 80's and even lower humidity. They're even saying tomorrow night will drop into the 50's. Where am I, Portland, Oregon?

And speaking of Portland, I was watching House Hunters (don't judge me) tonight and they were at Bella Beach in Lincoln City. That's where my cousins and I went last year and the house we stayed in along with the new houses they were building at the time were on the show! Yeah, it doesn't take much to excite me.

Lastly, this makes me very, very angry. I mean, spitting nails, yelling at the sheriff and PG County police chief whenever they're on TV, I've never felt this angry about an injustice before, angry.
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Is today Wonky Email and Internet Day?

First my ISP goes down last night and then again this morning. At the time it was down, I was talking to a friend who has a completely different ISP and she said her connection was down as well. About an hour later the connection comes back up (hers as well) but ever since then, I haven't been able to get into Yahoo mail and she hasn't been able to get into GMail. My regular mail is up and running but I've only gotten a couple of emails all day compared to 20+. To top all that off, about half the sites I've tried to get to either don't come up or are incredibly slow. Yet, the lights on my cable modem are buzzing like flies on a cowpie.

This really needs to stop now.
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All I can say is that next week, there better be a whole helluva lot of Brass. This is twice now that he's not even been a shadow in the episode. I will say that the episodes he's been missing from have been good--unlike Weeping Willows last season (blech) but it's really pissing me off.

And one more rant while I'm at it. I read the spoilers. New ones just came out for 6x23 and I don't want to give too much away but why in hell do all the episodes that seem to have some most excellent Brass potential always, always, always air while I'm out of town. 6x23 supposedly will air on 5/11. I'll be at a company offsite (Amelia Island--um, can't complain too much about the location) that entire week. Crap. Last year when Hollywood Brass aired, I was in Colorado Springs for training. I was at the beach when part 1 of ABRTI aired and I was at the beach again when I Like to Watch aired. I'm seriously getting a freakin' complex! I'm also thinking that next season I'm going to do a lot of traveling just so I can get more Brass-centric episodes.


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