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Do you know why they call it President's Day? Because on this day, I drop a shitload of dead Presidents.

Started at Best Buy and finally bought S7 of CSI. I wanted to wait and get it in HD but 2 things changed that: it looks like Blu Ray has won the High Def DVD death match and I have a Denon DVD player that upconverts to 1080p. I've read a few reviews that say the picture for the Denon is as good as or better than an HD player (it's also a little cheaper). So, I bought S7.

Then went next door to World Market. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tos_lover, I am completely addicted to McVitie's Rich Tea biscuits. I bought two packets, which was all they had, so I can take one to work. I also bought something like four packets of Hit. I discovered these on the train from Milan to Venice and besides always reminding me of Italy, they are wonderful. It's a very crisp, light biscuit (cookie) with a cocoa creme filling. I love them so much, I might just marry them. I also bought a basket and a throw for the cats to lay all over.

Then I went next door to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It's a complete shopping conspiracy to have these three lined up next to each other, btw. This was where the dead presidents fell like rain. I just finished the overhaul of the downstairs bathroom. Well, new paint, light fixture and towel bar meant I needed a new shower curtain and towels. FYI, the bathroom looks amazing now. Then I needed a teapot and a few other impulse items, like one of those lavender and chamomile sinus pillows. But the whole reason I went there was to buy a new goose down comforter. My current one has seen better days so I decided to go ahead and replace it. Did you know that King size down comforters are freakin' expensive? Yeah. I could have fed a small village with what that cost but I wanted a good one this time and I got 20% off so that was a little less painful. Still, cha-ching!

Next stop? Target. Luckily, that wasn't next door so I actually had to drive there. I think I escaped with a little money left. But seriously, I'm waiting for my thank you note from Bush because today, I certainly did my part for the economy.
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