Feb. 22nd, 2006

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Just a little FYI, I say fuck way too much so in my attempt to scale back my use of the fuck word, I'm going to use a substitute word (and variations of it). So tonight's LJ performance of the word 'fuck' will be played by the word 'freak'. Thank you.

I'm so freakin' frustrated with myself. Why can't I write? Last year I was churning out the Brass fic but since December, I can't get anything going. I'm trying to finish something I started months ago. It's a 5-page Brass/Catherine one-shot. How hard can it be? Still, I can't seem to finish it. I think if I can just get this stupid thing done and posted, I'll be over my wall. Or not. I miss my buddy, Merc.

Maybe it's the lack of Brass fics that have me all frustrated. These unfinished fics are really pissing me off!

I koshed my head on the handle of the refrigerator the other day and I have a freakin' divit in my head. Maybe that's my problem. I concussed myself. Great. Just freakin' great.

I'm liking Paris, that Tucker chick, the big girl (I'm channeling Jame Gum here) and Ace as my next American Idol. Actually, Ace is pretty. He can be the next Pretty American Idol. That's something cause I usually don't go after the young, pretty boys but he's like pie.
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Ok so this LJ thing is new to me and well, I'm old but not that old that I start reading actual directions. Hell, my work experience consisted of trial and error. Yeah, 4 years of college, fluency in two foreign languages, ability to argue politics and world history (mostly English) with myself and what do I do? Go and get a job in Finance! Well, technically it's called Business Management but it's still numbers, people. I grew up loathing numbers. Oops, tangent over. Sorry.

Anyway, I hate reading big thick books that tell me how to turn on or off something. I usually start messing around with it and eventually I'll figure it out. Of course, all I can generally do is turn something on and off but I can program my DVD recorder, set a clock on anything electronic and I did manage to set up my surround sound speakers so that sound comes in well, in surround. Sorry, tangenting again. Anyway again, I'm slowly figuring out this LJ thing. I'm trying to figure out cuts and I've been changing what my journal looks like. It's kind of fun and I feel so twenty-something.


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