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Usually over the summer, I don't go anywhere. I like to do my traveling in the Spring and then take a beach trip in the Fall. However, I really like it when things change and take me out of my normal pattern. This year I went to Denver the first week of July and then to Portland, OR the last week of July (yes, I know I still need to post about that trip--details will be forthcoming). Along the way I made a few discoveries. Some of them probably won't be new to you and you will laugh and point at me but I'm an INTJ so it takes me a little longer to process stuff. Don't judge me.

* Fandom is full of a few people who take things way too seriously. Ok, I already knew that but it was just confirmed in a big way in July.

* Fandom still manages to have some very cool people who don't take things so seriously and who laugh with you at the people who do.

* Manchego cheese

* Vinho Verde

* Lindemans Framboise lambic beer. Where has this been all my life?

* I get all my alcohol recommendations from my parents.

* I love my stepmother way more than I love my mother.

* I love my aunt way more than I love my mother. I've known this most of my life and after spending vacation time with her, it's still true.

* It's possible to spend time with family and have a great vacation. I haven't seen my mother in 5 years because it just gets ugly every time.

* How to cook and eat an artichoke. I know people in CA are laughing at me right now but hey, can you fry okra? Do you even want to?

* A NETI pot can make your cold last two days. Seriously, people, it works!

* Tillamook special reserve cheddar cheese. So, so good.

* Oregon sort of reminds me of Colorado but with a coastline. Both are really beautiful places, btw.

* Adding those little packets to your bottled water to make flavored tea. A 4 year old showed me this.

* I really, really miss my kitties when I’m away.

* My kitties really, really miss me when I’m away. They wouldn’t leave my side for three days and when I left for work the first morning, all three of them sat by the door, looking at me like I was about to abandon them again. It's good to be loved by your kitties.

* Kittens grow up so quickly. When I got back from being away a week, Tucker was huge!

* Everyone should get a full massage regularly but it's especially true if you're a woman.

* COMCAST is evil. Do not use them if you can help it. Dial up gives you better internet access.

* Punching a chair can really hurt. See that bit about Comcast being evil.

* I really need a due date to finish a fic. See that part about me being an INTJ. We make lists, we need deadlines.
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