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I had surgery on my left elbow back on April 8th and then took three weeks off from work to recover. Maybe it was the Vicodin but the week after surgery I was really missing my late kitty, Harry. I mean really missing him. The next morning, April 15th, I checked my email and what do I see but an email from one of the techs at my Vet. She sent me pictures of a tiny Tabby boy and said that she thought I might be interested. All I could do was cry happy tears. Of course I went to see him that afternoon.

He was only three weeks old, which means he was born around the time that Harry passed away, but despite how tiny he was, boy had some very good lungs!

I came back a week later to see him again and this time spent a bit more time with him.

He was four weeks old now and had grown a bit more. The Vet gave me a room with a towel on the floor so I could sit with him. He was still a little shaky walking but he curled up next to me and started to purr. Sort of. His purr was also a bit shaky but adorable. I also found out that he loves to have his back feet rubbed. At one point while he was sitting next to me he looked up at my face and just stared intently, like he was figuring out that I was his new kitty mom and he was okay with that. The Vet told me that she would like to get the kittens weened by 6 weeks so that was good news since I was anticipating having to wait another four weeks before I could take him home.

April 28th would have been Harry's 12th birthday and I was missing him something fierce so after physical therapy I decided I needed a little kitten therapy. My little boy was 5 weeks old now so I was excited to see how much he'd grown. He was yeowling pretty loudly when they brought him out but he quieted down when I held him. We went into one of the rooms, he sat in my lap and after crawling around a bit, settled down, attempted a little erratic purring, and then napped. He also stared up at me again, this time for a very long time, before settling down, and honestly, that was the moment I knew. This was my boy and he knew I was his kitty mom.

I haven't picked out a name yet. There are a couple though that I'm leaning towards" Max, short for either Maxwell or Maximilian and Jack, short for Jackson. Jackson has meaning but Max is just because.
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