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I watch because I love Paul Guilfoyle and he's still on the show. The show, however, has become a giant turdball due to the horrific writing and Brass, when he is in the episode, barely has anything to do. This season they "wrapped up" the Ellie arc in a thoroughly shitty way but hey, these current writers haven't figured out how to write Brass since around season 10. They also pay no attention to what's been written for these characters in prior seasons so all of a sudden we get Brass coveting his ex wife as "the only person he ever loved". Really? I seem to recall she was the second coming of Satan to him in previous seasons. They also tried to make all of the marital issues Brass' fault, blaming all his "affairs" as the reason his ex slept with another man and got pregnant with Ellie. Seriously? I was happy to see Paul front and center because man, he always brings it, but that was so convoluted, it mostly negated the entire Ellie arc.

So when the news came on Monday that the producers told Paul they weren't renewing his contract and the season 14 finale would be Brass' last episode, I was both angry and sad. I'm very angry at the way they've treated Paul. He gave 14 years to this show. He was one of two last originals (yes, Jorja, Eric, and Doc were originals but they either weren't in the 1st episode or they were recurring), he took a cut in episodes to save the show some money, and for his effort, they basically gave him two weeks notice. How kind of them.

I'm sad because I enjoyed watching CSI. It was the only show that I still watched live and I'm sad for that loss going forward. Mostly, though, I'm sad for the loss of one of the best characters and character actors on TV. However, this weekend I watched a couple of old episodes from season 6 and I see how the current Brass is a shadow of the old Brass. Paul does the best with what he has but he doesn't have a lot. These writers can't write the dialog and it's obvious that Brass misses his old sparring buddy, Grissom. I can't say I'm optimistic that they'll give him a proper send off either. Sounds like the episode was already written when they told Paul and the writer writing the finale is the same one who wrote "Forget Me Not", the episode that has rightly angered so many GSR fans.

So yeah, I think around the 7th of May, I'm going to need a support group. I leave you with pics of Paul's final day on the lot, courtesy of Shane Saunders.
Paul and Larry Mitchell courtesy of SSaunders 032714
Paul and Larry Mitchell. Two tough guys.
Paul and Shelli Bergh. I admit it, I'd love to be Shelli here.
Paul, Shelli Bergh, and Larry Mitchell. Paul is smiling but his eyes look a little red. This has to be horribly hard for him.

I have to say one positive from this is that it has inspired me to write. I want to keep Brass alive and I feel like I still have a lot of stories to tell. I only wish I had more time to write.
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