Sep. 4th, 2009 03:27 pm
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The banner is so pretty, I couldn't resist. A huge thank you to everyone who nominated my fic!

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I am here today to pimp some really amazing fics that generally get entirely overlooked because a) they are in a very small and somewhat isolated fandom, b) they are written about a TV show that’s been off the air for 40 years, and c) the show got a little campy at times. Ok, really, really campy. But it had Richard Basehart (points at really cute man in icon) and he had one of those voices that could cause a girl to go all melty.

Ok, so even if Richard Basehart's melty voice and rugged good looks isn't your thing, do you love scifi? Do you love manly men who sail the seas in search of aliens and evil masterminds (I would have said diabolical masterminds but that’s saved for The Avengers) and other really odd things that generally don't live in the real world? Do you like fan fic that’s extremely imaginative and very well written? Well, give these fics a shot! Even if you don’t know the show, check them out. Seriously, they are excellent and it’s going to be another month and a half at least before we see anything new on TV.

The first five should be read in order:

Contents Under Pressure <-- This one and "The Subtle Alchemy of Storms" are my two most favorite ever Voyage fics.
An Irregular Encounter
A Dish Best Served Cold
The Place of Fear and Awe
The Subtle Alchemy of Storms

The Admiral's Lady
The Serpent
The Reef

Portals, Travel, and Fife

If you like these, let me know and I'll point you to more. There are quite a few really amazing writers in the Voyage fandom but sadly, a lot of them have moved on to other places and things.
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So "Cancun" won a fanfic award. Yeah, that definitely made my day! My thanks to everyone who read it and anyone who voted. I saw the list of nominations; I know it was in excellent company.

Deep Voices )

The Rant )
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So I was looking at the list of nominees for the CSI Fanfic Awards the other day and noticed that my Brass/Catherine fic, Cancun, was nominated. To the person who nominated my fic, thank you so much! I don't expect to win but it really is nice to be nominated.


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