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Especially Troy Brouwer's hockey butt.

His legs are nice too )
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Went to the hockey game tonight. The Dallas Stars showed up. Unfortunately, the Caps' defense did not. What is it about teams with Stars in their name or on their helmet? I don't mind if the Cowboys own the Redskins but I really wish the Caps had owned the Stars. We just do not play well against Western Conference teams.

So the couple sitting next to me arrived before the start of the second period. The guy was already pretty drunk but as he continually told me, he was "a smart drunk". This from the man who could never remember where he was sitting. We were two rows from the top but every time he came back, he either went about 6 rows down or he ended up in the row behind us. How hard can it be? His girlfriend was very nice and I kind of felt bad for her because she seemed to be a little embarrassed that he was so drunk. He was also wearing a pretty nice suit however the pants were so long, it looked like he bought it and hoped to grow into it. He kept talking to me but honestly, I had the hardest time understanding him because either he had a lisp made worse by alcohol or alcohol gave him a really bad lisp. Not the most manly of men. This was emphasized by his girl hands and his the lispy voice when he tried to cheer loudly. If nothing else, he was amusing. However, at one point I glanced over at him and noticed he was holding his full beer cup up instead of say, putting it in the cup holder or resting his arm on the chair. I had visions of him spilling it on me in his drunken stupor. Happily, he did not spill it on me. He spilled it all over himself so that when he stood up, it looked like he peed himself. His girlfriend decided that this was enough and since he was a "smart drunk", he didn't argue and off they went.

At least this time it ended better than the guy who threw up in the hair of the woman sitting in front of him. Yeah, that was entertaining.


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