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Elbow is coming along. I can't believe it's been two weeks since the surgery. Had my first physical therapy a week ago yesterday and got my sutures out a week ago today. Dr. told me he removed the bone spur that was causing a lot of issues, removed damaged tissue (debridement), and then drilled into the bone (microfracture) to increase the blood flow and create new cartilage. Even after two weeks there's still some pain and swelling but the pain is generally random instead of constant. I'm mostly taking Advil now but at night I'm taking 1/2 a Vicodin so I can sleep.

Getting comfortable in bed so I can fall asleep is probably the hardest. I still can't cut things, touch my right hand to my shoulder, the top of my head, or my mouth (have to eat left-handed, which has been a good thing) but I can shave my left armpit - yay! I'm not allowed to type for more than 5 minutes with my right hand, which is probably good because my arm gets tired and achy for anything longer than that so yes, I'm typing this post with my left hand. Lots of corrections to make. The hardest restriction though is that I can't lift anything heavier than a pen/pencil with my right hand. Yesterday's PT consisted of stretching my rotator cuff in my right shoulder because it hurt more than my elbow. I had this shoulder pain before surgery and it probably contributed to my elbow problems. So my fear is that after my elbow gets better, I'll be back at the doctor for my shoulder. It really is better today though. Yesterday I couldn't lift my right arm at all. Today I can but it still feels weak.

Boredom set in last week but luckily my friends and co-workers have helped. My manager and the business management team came by last Thursday for lunch. I really like our team so I was very happy to see them. Friday I had lunch with my former neighbor and that was a lot of fun. Saturday my parents took me to dinner and then we hit the outlet mall for tax-free shopping. Since I still can't cut things, my dad had to cut my meat for me at the German restaurant we went to. I felt like I was five. Yesterday after PT I met my manager for lunch and in between I had a long chat with a good friend and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea marathon, which was a hoot! Yep, I admit that I still have a major thing for Richard Basehart and watching those episodes made me want to write Voyage again. Except that I can't type (or write) at the moment. I feel like Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough At Last.

Speaking of Voyage, I have several fics that were hosted on a website that went away. I want to re-post them but I can't decide whether I should create a new pen name or use my CSI fic name. I'm leaning towards a new name so I can keep them separate but at the moment, I can't think of one. I have a website but I think I'd also like something that gets more traffic. Also, fan fic.net or An Archive of our Own? I'm kind of leaning towards AO3 because it's not so restrictive. Thoughts?
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