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A couple of months ago at work our division VP decided that we were going to a 9/80 work schedule. For those not familiar with this, it means that in our two week pay period (80 hours) we work 8 nine hour days and then one 8 hour Friday and get the first Friday in the pay period off. Today was my first off Friday and I have to say, score one for my division! I also like that my manager stressed that we actually take the day off and not look at the Blackberry. I kind of forgot about the Blackberry until just now.

I was on the road by 10am so I could get to the car dealer for my 10:30 appointment. Got my car inspected and the oil changed for no charge. Headed to Whole Foods and loaded up on meat to grill, stopped at Mom's organic grocery store so I could exchange something (and buy some roxalia for my laryngitis) and then went home for a coffee break. Note: a good friend told me to add a little hazelnut, vanilla or chocolate extract to my coffee. I bought a bottle of hazelnut and chocolate so this morning I tried chocolate. Delish! After the coffee break it was off to refill the propane tank, then to the pharmacy to refill a prescription, and finally a stop at Chipotle for a late lunch. All done by 3pm. And what a glorious spring day today was! Clear, blue sky and mid 60 temps just make it even more awesome!

So I have pretty bad laryngitis. Judging by the fluid rolling around in my left ear, some of it is sinus/allergy related but I know this is a direct result of yelling my lungs out at the Caps game Tuesday night. If we won, we would win the division and have the third seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Home ice for the first round. It was a really big game. And we won. I knew that my throat was not going to come out of this very well but I didn't know it would be this bad. Dry, sore throat and no voice is not fun. Tomorrow night is the last game of the regular season and I'm going. I will not be yelling. Won't be talking either.

Still watching CSI but not for the show or the writing. That's just bad now. Nope, I'm hanging with it solely for Paul Guilfoyle. I'm now much more into Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and yes, Duck Dynasty (don't judge). Both Breaking Bad and Dexter end this year (sad face) so I'll have to find something else to take their place. Tried watching Girls. Not sure what I think about that. My other guilty pleasure is Storage Wars but that's only because I think Barry Weiss is eye candy.

Now I'm off to grill some meat.

Date: 2013-04-27 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wintergreen126.livejournal.com
That work schedule sounds pretty great! Having long weekends come about regularly is nice. It means you can actually get things done for a change! Which it sounds like you did today :o)

So I have pretty bad laryngitis... I know this is a direct result of yelling my lungs out at the Caps game Tuesday night.

Ah, I've been there. After a particularly cold (but exciting!!) PSU football game, I ended up with bad case laryngitis, too. It's annoying to deal with, but what better way to wind up with a raspy or lost voice, right?

Still watching CSI

I am seriously impressed by your loyalty. Even if it is to Paul in particular and not the show. I was dedicated to watching Gray's Anatomy for years, mainly out of habit, but last season (this season? I don't even know) I stopped. Things got so wonky that I couldn't justify watching it when my time would be far better spent studying.

I've watched some of Girls, and while I think it's perfectly fine, and that Lena Dunham doesn't deserve all the hate she gets, I don't get the all the hype. It's good, it has funny moments, but I think the excitement may be overkill. A few episodes were enough for me.

Happy grilling!! ETA: And get better soon!
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Date: 2013-04-27 06:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lasairfhiona.livejournal.com
Hope you feel better.

As for CSI. I watched my first episode since Cath left and I remembered why I stopped watching it. And of course it was the "Seattle" episode. Funny I don't remember Seattle having palm trees, ugh... I <3 PG but not enough to keep watching.


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